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Forex Market – Apply and grow up Money with it

“Forex” means foreign exchange. And FOREX TRADING meaning dealing and trading in different currencies. In forex trading different currencies are traded against each other. Say for example US Dollar is traded against Indian Rupee. Forex trading market is the global market which includes all activities like buying, selling and exchanging. The foreign exchange market helps people in doing international trade by giving them the ease to exchange the currency as they want. This means the foreign exchange has enabled the traders to import or export goods or services in any of the county as they want.

        There are three ways in which the people can trade in Forex. They are:-


Spot Market:-In this market the buying and selling of currencies is done according to the current price for that particular currency.

Forward Market:-In this market there is no spot deal. This market deals in “Contracts”. A contract is an agreement between two parties of buying and sellin…