Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Commodity Market is full of risks. A trader is always at risk while dealing in it. The trader always has to speculate on the prices of commodities to earn good profits.

Dealing good in commodity Market, earning profits , minimizing risks all these three needs a good knowledge of commodity market and also need of good commodity tips.

There are two segments in commodity market:-

MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange):- It includes dealing in base metals, bullions (gold, silver).

NCDEX (National Commodity Derivative Exchange):-NCDEX includes agriculture commodities like soya bean etc.

Commodity market is considered to be that market which works according to the principle of high risk and high reward. A trader is always at very high risk while dealing in commodity market. 

Commodity market in India fluctuates very much by the happenings in US market, Singapore market and so on. SO if a trader wants to earn good profit in this market then he must be aware about the current affairs of the international market and he must have ability to understand and research about the effects which is going to be happening on commodities.

That’s why; today there are many advisory companies which are working so as to provide research based tips to the traders which help them in earning good profit in share market.

These commodity tips play a very important role in the trading life of a trader because a trader invests in this market as guided by the commodity tips providers or we can say stock market experts. Hence it is advised to trust SEBI registered and ISO certified companies. This is so because these companies are reliable and trustworthy because they are registered with SEBI. Also these companies provide research based calls which are totally based on fundamental and technical research.

So a trader should and must take advice from stock market experts before any investment.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to select segment of trading in share market

Share market is full of ups and downs. So a trader is always at risk while dealing in share market. That’s why it is always recommended to do fundamental and technical analysis before dealing in any stock. There are various stock tips provider who firstly perform research and then provides call to the traders.
Stock market is very wide .It includes various segments such as Equity, Commodity and Currency Trading. The people trade in share market according to their investment and risk taking capacity. Let us take a quick view on every segment of share market.
·      Equity market:- A investment of around 50K is considered to be ideal to earn good returns in equity market. Although a trader can start with small investment also, as the broker gives the facility of 5-10 times limit. In equity market the traders deal in number of shares.
·      Commodity market:- In commodity market there is again a category that is bullion and base metal.
For bullions an investment above 1 lakh for a single lot is required. While in case of base metals investment from 20-50k is needed for a single lot. In commodity market a trader deals in number of lots.
·      Currency Market:- Trading in currency segment also needs a good investment to earn high returns.

To earn good profits in share market and to overcome high risks one must trade safely. There are various best stock tips provider in Indore. Traders can take help from them in earning good profits and to minimize risks.
Taking help from share market experts helps to earn good returns over sufficient investment. These stock tips providers also maintain the portfolio of the clients. They uses certain methods live averaging, hedging, butterfly method etc to always maintain the profit of the client. But a trader should choose a SEBI registered and ISO certified stock tips provider to deal safe in share market.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Forex Market – Apply and grow up Money with it

“Forex” means foreign exchange. And FOREX TRADING meaning dealing and trading in different currencies. In forex trading different currencies are traded against each other. Say for example US Dollar is traded against Indian Rupee. Forex trading market is the global market which includes all activities like buying, selling and exchanging. The foreign exchange market helps people in doing international trade by giving them the ease to exchange the currency as they want. This means the foreign exchange has enabled the traders to import or export goods or services in any of the county as they want.

        There are three ways in which the people can trade in Forex. They are:-


Spot Market:-In this market the buying and selling of currencies is done according to the current price for that particular currency.

Forward Market:-In this market there is no spot deal. This market deals in “Contracts”. A contract is an agreement between two parties of buying and selling at a particular price.

Future Market:- In future market the Future Contracts are brought and sold based on the settlement and counters.

The forex market is full of risks. A trader who wants to trade in the forex market must have proper knowledge of fundamental and technical levels. As the forex market totally depends on other countries news. Say for example the news of USA highly affects the forex market. Thats why there is always a need of highly researched Forex tips which helps the traders to earn maximum profit. There are various research firms which are working to provide highly researched tips to the traders and help them in getting high returns from the market. These forex tips providers help the traders by giving them highly.
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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Greatest Stock Trading Tips for Stock Option


An option is said to be a contract, which gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell specified quantity of the underlying assets(these are financial instruments such as stock, futures, commodity(wheat/rice/cotton/gold/silver/bonds etc) at a specific (strike) price on or before expiry date.
The underlying may be commodities like wheat/ rice/ cotton/ gold/ oil or financial instruments like equity stocks/ stock index/ bonds etc.
In option trading, the buying and selling is done at premium price. And this is also called as safe trading because a trader is trading in option. And the capital which is invested in the option trading is comparatively at low risk with respect to capital which is invested in equity cash and commodity. This means a trader can start trading with a small amount and with low risk in the option segment of share market.

Two types of strategy is followed in option trading:

1.Call:- A stock option provider gives Buy Call option tip to a trader to buy call option when there is a bullish mode of the market.
2.Put:- A stock tips provider gives Buy Put option tip to a trader to buy Put option when there is a bearish mode of the market.

A stock market depends on sentiments such as any awaited news or merging of companies or any type of news. A researches utilizes the fundamental, technical and sentiments of the market to provide 85-90% accuracy in the calls which they provide to the traders. Hence it is recommended to take advise from share market experts to earn a very good profit. Because option trading is that segment in share market in which a trader can earn a very good profit by using 90-95% accurate stock option tips. Along with this a trader is also recommended to play safe in this market to minimize risk and earn high returns.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Best Commodity Tips to get huge profit

Commodity market is one among the segment of share market which is full of high risks and high returns. So which dealing in share market especially in commodity market a trader is always in need of highly researched tips to earn good. Commodity market attracts the traders to deal in it because gives very high returns although it is having high risks too.

The regulator of commodity market in India is FMC (Forward Markets Commission). It regulates  the commodity market. There are two exchanges in Commodity Market:-

1.MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange):- MCX includes dealing in Bullions (Gold, Silver), Base Metals , Energy.

2.NCDEX (National Commodity Derivative Exchange):- NCDEX includes dealing in agricultural commodities.
The Commodity Market (MCX) starts  from 10 am to 11:55 pm from Monday to Friday. This is the time where a trader deals in the stock market. The commodity market in India is said to be somehow dependent on the American Market. The news of the American Market highly affects the movement of commodity market in India. So there is always a need of high research and accurate commodity tips to get the high returns in this market. So today there are various commodity tips provider usually called as financial advisor which help the traders to earn good in this market. The financial advisory firms have researchers who uses the fundamental and technical methods to understand the movement of stock market and provides the commodity tips to the traders which help them in making high profit in the market. The tips provided by these companies are too much important because they help the traders in earning  good profit. Thats why it is always recommended to take advise from commodity tips provider to earn good profit and also to minimize risk. And the traders who take advise from these financial advisory firms are advised to strictly follow the targets and stop loss provided by these firms and also to have patience to earn high returns in commodity market.

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